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chel [userpic]
by chel (blue20)
at March 3rd, 2006 (02:37 pm)

Interested in going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Sunday? Want to spend time getting to know international students? Want to do both at the same time? If you or someone you know is interested let me know. It will be free, minus cost of food or souveneirs. There's spots for 7 international and one more US student. Let me know ASAP if there's any interest. Preferably by e-mail (for once). It will be an all day trip Sunday.

arelyn530 [userpic]
Added to schools list
by arelyn530 (arelyn530)
at December 3rd, 2005 (09:54 am)

I added Texas A&M as the school for this community and we are now the 3rd link that you see when you click on TAMU.

Weird side note: I was going to put 1876 - now for the years attended, but it kept asking me if I had really attended the school for that long. I finally settled for something a little closer, so maybe that will catch a few of the older Ags and all of the new ones.

Purplepanda5 [userpic]
by Purplepanda5 (purplepanda5)
at December 2nd, 2005 (02:04 pm)

This LJ community makes me sad... :( It died.

Let's revive it.

If you want prayer for your finals, put down your final subject, time and date into a comment on this post. Then let's pray for each other's finals.

If you also leave the location of your final, then we can pray for the buildings as well...

~*~Don't forget about the prayer walk around campus on Sunday night at 9 pm.~*~

*edit* Valerie - is there a way to add this community to the school listings? That way if people were looking at all the LJs under TAMU then this community would be there at the top of the list.

secretedremains [userpic]
by secretedremains (secretedremains)
at September 10th, 2005 (01:06 pm)

whats up A&M people, for those who know me, this is michael. just figured I'd stop by and see how everyone has been. Evangel is going good so far and I am definatly enjoying myself here in MO, but i miss the poeple in BCS. anyways guess i'll talke to ya'll later.

Purplepanda5 [userpic]
Prayer Reminder
by Purplepanda5 (purplepanda5)
at September 9th, 2005 (01:46 am)

We are going to pray for the buildings on Sunday night. Tentatively at 9:30 meet at the Fish Pond. Please try and join us!

Also, please leave a list of all the buildings you have class in...

So for example, I am in:

Library Annex

Purplepanda5 [userpic]
by Purplepanda5 (purplepanda5)
at August 31st, 2005 (01:31 am)

A couple things...

1) Last Sunday night Jarrod and I laid hands on the buildings we have classes in and prayed for all the profs and students in the classes. Tonight at Breakaway during worship I was thinking about how we prayed over those buildings and how we shouldn't stop just because the semester is now going. Now that the semester has begun I feel that those rooms need more blessings and prayers spoken over them. So Jarrod and I decided that we are going to try to go pray for those classrooms/buildings the night before each new week of school. If any of you would like to join us, please let me know! (If you go with us we will also go pray at your buildings too...) We were also thinking about praying over the Library and Reed Arena...

2) Jarrod currently (starting today) has a roommate. In short, it is a corps guy who is on "leave" for 4-6 weeks, maybe shorter... So until that time is up Jarrod has a roommate. My gut instinct when Jarrod told me he got a surprise roommate was that there was a reason he was placed in there and deep down I felt it was a spiritual reason. After Jarrod talked to him tonight it was established that the guy is not a Christian. Please be praying for Jarrod and his roommate. There is only a short amount of time to make an impact on this person's life, so please keep them in your prayers!

Alright that is all... I hope all of you are having a wonderful first week of school! :)

arelyn530 [userpic]
And I shall...go on an updating spree! Muahahaha!
by arelyn530 (arelyn530)
at June 23rd, 2005 (02:18 pm)

current mood: bleh
current music: Dante - Fullmetal Alchemist OST 2

E-mail from John that I thought should be passed on, since he doesn't have everyone's email address (or have the correct one).


We will be getting together this Friday at the home of the lovely ladies of Oaklawn (Keila is our hostess!). Bring "comfort" food (snacks) if you want something to eat. You can call Keila for directions.

See ya Friday.


arelyn530 [userpic]
The Pedro Chronicles
by arelyn530 (arelyn530)
at June 17th, 2005 (11:46 pm)

current mood: stuffed with pizza
current music: not much...

The Pedro Chronicles, established June 17, 2005 around 10:00 pm at CiCi's in College Station, now have a home here at LiveJournal. There a few rules put in place to combat spam and stuff, so I'm sorry about the inconvience but your membership will have to be approved by a moderator before you can join and post.

Now go tell stories!


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